Your Google Account!!

Do you have a Gmail email address? An Android phone? Maybe just use Chrome as a browser?

Then you, most likely, have a Google account….now, what can it do for you?

Google Workspace is comparable to Microsoft Office in the functionality its apps provide. Because the apps are cloud based you can create, access, and save all your files from any device simply by signing into your Google account. Workspace contains an app for cloud storage (Google Drive), writing (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), presentations (Slides), , video conferencing (Meet), email (Gmail), contacts (contacts), and calendar (Google Calendar) just like other office suites. For a comparison see this handy reference chart of the three major office suites and their products.

The Google Play Store is where you go to get apps which give you nearly infinite functionality on your Android devices. In the same universe are Play books, Play music, and Play games where you can get…you guessed it…books, music, or games.

Google Photos is cloud storage for your pictures. It indexes your pics by date, person, or folders. It also has all kinds of neat collage, slideshow, and animation capabilities and is a handy way to share pictures without all the headaches of email limits.

Google owns YouTube. So if you want to leave a comment or have your video preferences saved then you will sign into YouTube using your Google account.

Creating a new Google account in Chrome.
Signing in to a Google account in Chrome.

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