Your Google Account!!

Do you have a Gmail email address? An Android phone? Maybe just use Chrome as a browser? Then you, most likely, have a Google account….now, what can it do for you? Google Workspace is comparable to Microsoft Office in the functionality its apps provide. Because the apps are cloud based you can create, access, and

Meet Chromebook!!

If you have looked for a new laptop lately there’s a chance that some techy friend or relative has suggested a Chromebook to you. There are many strong arguments in favor of these new devices but they are…different. Let’s get to know the Chromebook, a bit about how it works and its pros and cons.

The Department of Homeland Security Recommend Uninstall QuickTime from Windows

US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) of the Department of Homeland Security has recommended that all Windows users uninstall Apple QuickTime from their computer. According to an blog posted by Trend Micro, Apple will no longer update QuickTime for Windows. This announcement coupled with known vulnerabilities within the software makes it ripe for hackers